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Utilites Sign onto Green Button Initiative

Utilites Sign onto Green Button Initiative

Washington, DC—The Utilities Telecom Council (UTC) supports the Green Button Initiative, which several utilities have joined and are publicly supporting today at the White House.  The industry-led Green Button Initiative enables utility customers to securely download their own energy usage information in a consumer-and computer-friendly format.

 “The Green Button Initiative will help consumers monitor and manage their energy consumption.  We believe that engaging consumers as a crucial stakeholder in the process will help us achieve national energy policy goals, deliver important societal benefits and realize important advancements in the utility value chain,” said Connie Durcsak, President and CEO, UTC.

UTC supports efforts made towards interoperability standards in the electric industry, especially those in line with investments in smart networks.   The Green Button tool will provide information to consumers to save on energy bills, make it easier for homeowners to optimize and finance solar panels, and help with virtual energy audits to facilitate faster retrofits.

Utility telecommunications is integral to reliable and secure utility services. UTC is the premier trade association navigating the convergence of telecommunications, operations and information technology to identify, innovate and enable mission critical solutions for essential utility services.  Since 1948, UTC has served as the source and resource for information and communications t

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