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Audit Committee reviews the annual audit and presents its recommendations to the Board for action.  The Audit Committee is responsible for recommending the appointment, compensation, and oversight of UTC’s auditing firm. The Audit Committee shall review the annual audit and related letters and report thereon to the Board of Directors.  In addition, the Audit Committee is responsible for establishing policies and procedures related to complaints regarding accounting and auditing matters. This Committee serves as the Board’s contact with UTC’s independent auditors.

Chair: Travis Phifer; Tri-State G&T

Chair’s Committee serves to improve consistency and effectiveness with a focus to ensure that committee and division commitments are met and that working groups are functioning. The committee aims to focus on deliverables, reinforce the value of UTC members, and build cohesiveness among committees.

Chair: Sheila Wells; Leidos

Vice-Chair: Vacant

Executive Committee duties and responsibilities are delegated by the Board when it is not in session. The Executive Committee comprises the Chair of the Board, UTC President and CEO, Vice-Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, and Immediate Past Chair/Past Chair.

Chair: Gary Vondrasek; JEA

Vice-Chair: Tony Suppa; PSE&G

Secretary – Treasurer: Steve Liegl; WEC Energy Group

Immediate Past Chair: Kirt Mayson; Northwestern Energy

CEO: Rusty Williams; Utilities Technology Council

Finance Committee oversees and reviews budgets, financial reports, and financial actions of UTC. The Committee is responsible for recommending financial policies, goals, and budget development that support the mission, values, and strategic goals of the organization. The Committee reviews UTC’s financial performance in relation to budget goals and strategic initiatives. The UTC Secretary/Treasurer chairs the Finance Committee.

Chair: Steve Liegl; WEC Energy Group

Forward Planning Committee chaired by the Vice-Chair of the Board. The members of this committee include all UTC Officers, and Board Designated Division, and Committee Chairs. This committee is charged with overseeing the development and implementation of UTC’s Strategic Plan.  The Forward Planning Committee may at their discretion invite representatives from Voting Members and Non-Voting Associate Members to participate in the process both as non-voting advisors.

Chair: Tony Suppa; PSE&G

Global  Advisory Committee primary purpose is to represent its member organizations on issues concerning the deployment and implementation of utility telecommunications and technology services and applications. The GAC members are from UTC, EUTC, and UTCAL.

Chair: Rusty Willliams, UTC

Board Representative: Dymitr Wasjman, UTC America Latina

IT/OT Committee facilitates engagement among UTC members in areas where IT and OT are converging, such as the application of IT capabilities to OT environments.   Committee members share success stories and discuss current challenges in adopting new technology.  The committee’s deliverables include white papers, surveys, and sessions at UTC events.

Chair: John Nachilly; Eversource

Vice-Chair: Vacant

Knowledge and Learning Division provides strategic support to other UTC committees and divisions to ensure focus, the direction in developing educational programs, and disseminating industry information. The  Knowledge and Learning Division assists other UTC committees to identify appropriate topics and deliverables for their coverage areas, resulting in clear and concise communication of UTC’s members’ experience and industry intelligence across all critical infrastructure types.

Chair: Keisha Sauls; CenterPoint Energy

Vice-Chair: Vacant

Leadership Advisory Committee (LAC) functions as a leadership, mentoring, and technical resource for UTC. The LAC serves as an advisory body to the Board, divisions, and committees.  LAC also serves as a resource for potential leaders of UTC.   The LAC is made up of the current and all former Chairs of the UTC Board of Directors.

Chair: Matt Schnell; Nebraska Public Power District

Vice-Chair: Vacant

Membership Division is a resource for recruiting, renewing, and retaining UTC members by developing a membership engagement strategy, encouraging existing members who are excited and interested in promoting membership, and engaging in a peer-to-peer recruitment and retention campaign.

Chair: Bobby Saddler; LCRA

Vice-Chair: Vacant

Nominating Committee oversees nominations of UTC’s Elected Officers, At-Large Elected Board members, and certain UTC awards. The Nominating Committee is chaired by the Immediate Past Chair/Past Chair of the Board of Directors and includes the Chair of UTC’s Board of Directors, UTC’s President and CEO, and three Board members selected by the Board of Directors.

Chair: Kirt Mayson; Northwestern Energy

Public Policy Division (PPD) provides UTC and its staff with direction and leadership on public-policy issues. PPD meets monthly to discuss the latest in Congress, federal agencies, and the courts that impact UTC utility members. PPD members also develop and approve resolutions each year that set UTC’s positions on policy matters. PPD is open to core utility members only.

Chair: Holly Henderson; Southern Company

Vice-Chair: Vacant

Regional Division represents the membership of UTC’s ten geographical regions and strives to support and align with the overall mission and vision of the UTC organization, consistently throughout our regions.

Chair: Sue Hoffman; Southern Company

Vice-Chair: Vacant

Security, Risk and Compliance Committee (SRCC) facilitates a member-driven conversation centered on cyber and physical security, supply chain risk, and compliance. SRCC’s scope includes IT, OT, telecom, physical security, and any other systems that utilities deploy.

Chair: Landon Roeder; Nashville Electric Service

Vice-Chair: Vacant

Technical Division is a resource for UTC staff, the Board of Directors, committees, and divisions on matters related to current and emerging technical topics. The Division will direct questions and issues to current subject matter experts (SMEs) within UTC membership and will recruit additional SMEs, as needed. The Technical Division is also a resource for projects or technologies that involve more than a single UTC committee or division.

Chair: Matt Holthe; Nebraska Public Power District

Vice-Chair: Stacy Mill; Nashville Electric Service

Telecom Committee focuses on specific industry-related telecom issues, which include spectrum advocacy issues, technical reviews, or thought leadership through the development of white papers, presentations, and webinars, etc.

Chair: Mike Unser; Salt River Project

Vice-Chair: Vacant

UtiliSite Division focuses on opportunities for utility wireless collocation, joint use, and fiber leasing, including key areas of pole attachments and small-cell communications.  UtiliSite addresses both technical and regulatory issues that affect our members’ ability to share resources.

Chair: Julie Leininger; Orlando Utilities Commission

Vice-Chair: Vacant

Utilities Broadband Committee promotes opportunities for utilities to provide broadband services and deploy broadband networks in unserved and underserved areas through legislative and regulatory advocacy and liaisons with other interested organizations. This committee promotes opportunities for broadband funding for utilities and enables networking with utilities on ways to provide broadband across America.

Chair: Gabriel Garcia; CPS Energy

Vice-Chair: Todd Way; Douglas Electric Cooperative, Inc.

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