The Bottom Line

  • Infrastructure

    February 12, 6:04 pm

    From President Trump’s State of the Union Speech on January 30, 2018:   …As we rebuild our industries, it is also time to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. America is a nation of builders. We built the Empire State Building in just 1 year — is it not a disgrace that it can now take 10 years just to get a

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  • Mouse Ears

    January 23, 5:59 pm

    My family and I took a belated holiday vacation this past week to Disney World. We’ve been before so knew what to expect: 1) our girls being over-the-top excited; 2) my husband and I being over-the-top excited about seeing our girls excited (and, yes, revisiting our childhoods a bit); 3) eating too many Disney French fries (they make really good

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  • blizzard

    January 4, 1:08 pm

      Okay, well, remember I live in the D.C.-metropolitan area, not Minnesota like our esteemed Chairwoman Kathy Nelson, and we are experiencing some icy temps here as well as excessive wind, but the snow is to a minimum. So it might be blizzard with a lower-case “b.” Nonetheless, it is cold. And, to add to the cold weather, I also have

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  • Winter Whirlwind

    December 14, 4:32 am
    Since the beginning of December, UTC has been in full-blown end-of-the-year planning and preparation mode. We held a Board of Directors call last week in which our budget for calendar-year 2018 was approved, and a good deal of additional business was done, including approval of our new policy resolutions process that will be rolled out early in the year and

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  • Thankful

    November 25, 7:07 pm

    It is two days after Thanksgiving, and before I turn my attention completely to the Christmas season, I want to express my gratitude: -For my God -For my husband, Alan Hill, for exactly 11 years of marriage (yes, it is our anniversary today) and for being an amazing partner and father to our two girls -For my two girls, Emma

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  • Risk and Reward

    November 3, 5:02 pm
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      As I fail miserably to wean myself off Halloween candy before heading into the Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Years’ sugar fest, I preface this blog with the disclaimer that I am experiencing a massive sugar high that may lead me to, as the title implies, take more risks than I normally would… The concept of risk is something I have thought of

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