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  • Thankful

    November 25, 7:07 pm

    It is two days after Thanksgiving, and before I turn my attention completely to the Christmas season, I want to express my gratitude: -For my God -For my husband, Alan Hill, for exactly 11 years of marriage (yes, it is our anniversary today) and for being an amazing partner and father to our two girls -For my two girls, Emma

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  • Risk and Reward

    November 3, 5:02 pm
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      As I fail miserably to wean myself off Halloween candy before heading into the Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Years’ sugar fest, I preface this blog with the disclaimer that I am experiencing a massive sugar high that may lead me to, as the title implies, take more risks than I normally would… The concept of risk is something I have thought of

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  • Canada Revisited

    October 20, 2:44 pm
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    In my last blog, I promised to talk about the UTC Canada meeting held in Regina, Saskatchewan, in late September. The event itself featured a compelling program with, for the first time, a panel of other critical industry representatives from trade associations in Canada. Given their deployment of private networks and similar technical and policy issues, in the U.S., UTC

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  • Stovepipes

    October 6, 6:12 pm

    The issue of “stovepiping” or “siloing” ourselves within our own organizations/utilities has come up over and over again in meetings, conferences, publications, etc. – particularly as we discuss “IT/OT convergence.” I also wrote about it in my first Forward! article in the Q4 2016 issue of the UTC Journal. The problem of stovepiping/siloing also occurs in the federal government, and

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  • Venn Diagrams

    September 21, 11:08 am

    I am writing as the EUTC’s (European Utilities Telecom Council) annual meeting winds down in Lisbon, Portugal. It is my first time in this beautiful city, and it has not disappointed in terms of the weather and food. While the pace of the conference has kept me from truly enjoying the sites, we have had some fabulous evening events at

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  • Priorities

    September 5, 5:11 pm

    As my husband and I dropped off my girls for their first day of school this morning (my youngest started kindergarten…so I am having an emotional day–full disclosure), I couldn’t help but think about kids in Houston who can’t go to school because school is underwater. That led me to think about places where kids never have the opportunity to

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