6 GHz Spectrum is Critical for Utility Infrastructure

Electric, water, and natural gas utilities, along with railroads and other critical infrastructure industries, use fixed wireless communications networks housed in the 6 GHz spectrum band. These networks run mission-critical systems essential to the reliable delivery of utility services.

In spite of significant concerns raised by utilities and other lifeline industries, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC, the Commission) is considering expanding access to the 6 GHz band to non-critical commercial entities. Doing so could threaten the reliability of the crucial communications networks already licensed to operate in the band, including those owned and operated by critical-infrastructure utilities.

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UPDATE: 13 Members of California’s Congressional Delegation Seek Protection of Utilities, CII in 6 GHz Band — Letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, April 30, 2019

Sen. John Kennedy (La.) Urges FCC to Protect Incumbents in 6 GHz Proceeding–Letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, April 1, 2019

Major Critical-Infrastructure Coalition Reiterates Opposition to FCC Plan in 6 GHz Proceeding–Reply Comments Submitted March 18, 2019

Major Critical-Infrastructure Coalition Pushes Back Against FCC 6 GHz Spectrum Band Proposal–Initial Comments Submitted Feb. 15, 2019

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