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UTC Spectrum Services

UTC Spectrum Services is the premier provider of timely, reliable and creditable frequency coordination and engineering services. Please contact UTC Spectrum Services if you have any questions.

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UTC’s complete range of Spectrum Services includes:

Frequency Coordination & Application Preparation

Frequency Coordination is the essential foundation for any private radio system. Instead of struggling with planning, paperwork, and red tape, rely on UTC Spectrum Services for superior quality and results. UTC Spectrum Services will handle all the details from start to filing and unmatched expertise in electronic filing via the Universal Licensing System (ULS). UTC can provide frequency coordination in the VHF, UHF, 800 & 900 MHz two-way bands, as well as for MAS and microwave systems.

Engineering Services

Spectrum Services engineering services makes communication systems as effective and efficient as possible.

License Sentry

License Sentry, a service designed to manage and protect your licensed spectrum. Use UTC’s decades of experience to monitor, modify, renew and report on your FCC licenses.

Frequency Sentry

UTC Spectrum Services offers an exclusive, unique frequency notification service called Frequency Sentry. The service notifies participating customers when applications are filed that are co-channel with, or on adjacent channels to, their designated PLMRS or MAS frequencies, within customers’ own preferred parameters.

Regulatory Filing and Tracking

UTC Spectrum Services can assist in the preparation and filing of FAA and FCC applications, as well as coordination and project management for MAS and Microwave projects.

Power Line Carrrier (PLC) Database

The purpose of the Power Line Carrier Notification Activity is to establish and maintain a transmission Power Line Carrier Data Base (PLCDB) and an Authorized User Data Base (AUDB). These will provide the information necessary for the identification and notification of potential interference between Power Line Carrier (PLC) and U.S. Government Authorized User (AU) facilities. Click For More Info

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