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UTC surveys our members, other utilities and subject matter experts from around the world to provide meaningful industry research reports.

Ongoing research efforts allow us to keep growing and refreshing our offerings. UTC Research Reports are available to purchase at a large discount for our member utilities and at full price for non-members. Click each image below to learn more about the research and pricing options.

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Utility Uses for Wireless Spectrum
Evaluating the Importance of Spectrum in the Utility Sector


This report examines the current state of play for utility spectrum access: what spectrum is available, how utilities use it, and recent trends in utility spectrum needs. Detailed case studies look into the telecommunications approach at two large and sophisticated utilities.

Reliable energy delivery is fundamental to all critical infrastructures. Energy delivery can only be reliable if the telecommunications are reliable. And utilities need a stable and clear spectrum to achieve their telecommunications, without which reliable energy delivery will become nearly impossible.

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Cyberready: Protecting Mission-Critical Utility Communications

It’s a date those in the energy sector know well: August 14, 2003. On that day, more than 50 million people in eight states and portions of Canada lost power when a high-voltage line in Ohio softened, sagged, and brushed against some trees. The fault, combined with a cascading series of technical issues, caused the largest blackout in North American history.

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From Smart Grid to Neural Grid: Industry Transformation and the Top Five Technologies Poised to Bring the Grid Into the Cloud

Today’s smart grid enhances the traditional transmission and distribution network with pockets of automation, connectivity, and centralized IT systems. But the grid of tomorrow, the Neural Grid, represents a vastly more powerful platform of hard and soft assets that leverage ubiquitous connectivity, the cloud, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing, and pervasive sensing to perform a variety of energy and non-energy applications.

UTC Associate Member Navigant Research has provided its latest white paper defines this next-level grid and identifies the critical components expected to transform legacy infrastructure into a platform that will eventually support a fully mature Energy Cloud environment.

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Selecting A Private Mobile Radio Technology To Solve Critical Machine to Machine Communications Needs

Utilities and other critical infrastructure (CI) industries around the globe are being challenged to improve service delivery while at the same time deal with security threats that aim to take down their operations. Compounding these challenges are the pressures from investors and regulatory agencies to streamline operations and reduce costs all while dealing with the complexities of a retiring workforce. To conquer these formidable challenges, critical infrastructure industries require greater visibility into their operations and are looking to leverage Machine to Machine (M2M) communications technology & communications to provide the means to increase the automation of their operations.

Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management For Utilities — Roadmap For Implementation

This paper provides a roadmap tailored to the utility space on how to successfully organize supplier management activities while addressing associated security risks. It is based on practical experience, numerous discussions with utilities and vendors, and recently published standards and best practice documents.

ConVergence Salt River 700 MHz Field Test Report

White Paper on Upper 700 MHz A Block Spectrum

Sharing 700 MHz Public Safety Broadband Spectrum With Utilities