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UTC’s Nadya Bartol Receives INCITS Award

UTC’s Nadya Bartol Receives INCITS Award

Washington, DC— UTC’s Senior Cybersecurity Strategist, Nadya Bartol, received an InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS) Team Award for her leadership and work on Supply Chain Risk Management standards.  The award was presented at the INCITS Technical Committee Officer’s Awards Dinner on April 15, 2013 in San Antonio, TX.

The award recognizes the work that Nadya and her Co-Chair, Don Davidson of the Department of Defense have done to standardize supply chain risk management practices through establishing the need for and facilitating the development of an international standard, ISO/IEC 27036 – Information technology – IT security techniques – Information Security for Supplier Relationships.

“I am thrilled to be recognized by my peers in the standards development environment.  We could not have made progress without a team of experts who worked with us every step of the way on defining the standard, doing the research, commenting on emerging text, and cheering us on.  The standard that we helped bring to life will help organizations everywhere manage security risks associated with acquiring products and services.  It is especially applicable to the utilities industry that uses numerous suppliers to provide critical components that compose our Nation’s critical infrastructure,” Bartol stated.

Bartol is an active leader in standards development and currently serves as Project Editor for an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard that addresses protecting organizations’ information in relationships with suppliers, ISO/IEC 27036.  She co-authored several NIST special publications and interagency reports including those on security measurement and supply chain risk management.

The Utilities Telecom Council believes that cybersecurity is the new reliability challenge for information and communications technology and other critical infrastructure industries.  Since 1948, UTC has served as the source and resource for information and communications technology (ICT) solutions, collaboration and advocacy for utilities and other critical infrastructure industries.

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