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UTC’s Donald Vasek Elected President of Land Mobile Communications Council

UTC’s Donald Vasek Elected President of Land Mobile Communications Council

Washington, DC— Donald Vasek, Utilities Telecom Council’s (UTC) Director of Spectrum Services, was elected to a one- year term as the president of the Land Mobile Communications Council (LMCC) at its annual meeting in Washington DC. The LMCC is a nineteen member industry group made up of all the private land mobile radio (PLMR) frequency advisory committees.

Vasek has over 30 years experience in the Private Land Mobile industry, specializing in spectrum management and related regulatory issues. “It’s an honor to be chosen by peers to lead LMCC.  I look forward to a busy and productive year as we respond to the challenges faced by the private land mobile industry including wrapping up the issues resulting from the narrowband migration, and working with the FCC as they endeavor to implement the prospective changes in the 470-512 MHz shared TV-band,” commented Vasek.

The LMCC reviews Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules, policies and advisories and makes recommendations to the agency as needed. The LMCC also creates education documents for industry radio dealers, vendors and end users. The most recent effort is a best practices document on operating digital PLMR equipment on shared channels.

Utility telecommunications is integral to reliable and secure utility services. UTC is the premier trade association navigating the convergence of telecommunications, operations and information technology to identify, innovate and enable mission critical solutions for essential utility services.  Since 1948, UTC has served as the source and resource for information and communications technology (ICT) solutions, collaboration and advocacy for utilities and other critical infrastructure industries.

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