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Utility Applications and Network Survey

Utility Application and Network Survey Form


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Utility Applications and Network Survey. About: Wireless solutions deployment estimates.

Over the next seven years (present - 2030), please identify the total number of wireless endpoint solutions planned for future deployment, for the corresponding 'Functionality' category. If a specific number is not available please submit an estimate.

Based on the estimate of total wireless endpoint solutions planned for future deployment, what are your estimates for the deployment time frame of those devices, listed below?

Note: "Future Deployment" directly pertains to the present (2023) - 2030.

Private Network Solutions

Instructions: Please indicate your company's spectrum band frequency usage for present and future operations by checking the appropriate boxes. If a spectrum band frequency is not listed, please add to the 'comments' box located at the bottom of the page.

For your operations, which 3GPP frequencies are used by your company, planned to be used or interested in learning about more?

*UTC and entities supporting this survey will keep individual responses confidential. UTC will release

only aggregated information in which neither individuals nor companies participating will be

identified. Only aggregated survey information will be released.

Appendix A

More information about the ‘Functionality’ and related technology are listed below:

Functionality: Sensing, Measurement, & Monitoring

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI, direct to meter)
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI, backhaul)
  • Production Meters (DER assets)
  • Grid Asset Monitoring (Sensing technology for health & maintenance of equipment, e.g., transformer monitors)
  • Environmental Sensors (Thermal, weather, solar irradiance, etc)
  • Electrical Parameter/Event Sensors (Line sensors, LIDAR sensors, Satellite/Ariel Imaging & Sensing, Drones, etc)
  • Video Monitoring (For security and/or other purposes)
  • Remote Fault Indicators (RFI)

Functionality: Protection & SCADA

  • SCADA (Operational & Distribution)
  • Advanced Protection Relays
  • Advanced Switches, Circuit Switchers, & Reclosers (e.g., FLISR)
  • Pole Top & Line Mounted DA devices
  • Power Flow & Volt-var Controllers (D-STATCOM, Distribution Power Flow Controllers (DPFC), Solid State Transformer (SST), Grid Energy Storage, Cap banks, etc)

Functionality: DER Systems & Integration

  • PV (Solar Cells) Systems
  • Wind
  • Hybrid
  • Fuel Cells
  • Energy Storage
  • Microturbines
  • Combustion Turbines
  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Stirling Engines

Functionality: Distributed Resource Management

  • Microgrid (Infrastructure, Assets, and Interface)
  • Advanced Inverters
  • EV Charging Infrastructure

Functionality: Workforce Management

  • Advanced Safety Tools (VR, AR, MR, etc)
  • Digital Workforce Tools

Functionality: Operational Telecommunications

  • Wide Area Network (WAN) endpoints
  • Field Area Network (FAN) endpoints
  • Neighborhood Area Network (NAN) endpoints
  • Communications Network Management System endpoints

Functionality: Smart City

  • Smart Street Lighting (Public Street and/or Highway)
  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Parking Management
  • Smart Traffic Management

Functionality: Voice Communications

  • VoLTE endpoints
  • VoNR endpoints
  • Land Mobile Radio (LMR) / P25

Functionality: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices

  • IIoT


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