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Data Shows the FCC Must Protect Critical-Infrastructure Incumbents in 6 GHz Proceeding: UTC’s Artz

Data Shows the FCC Must Protect Critical-Infrastructure Incumbents in 6 GHz Proceeding: UTC’s Artz

Washington—April 1, 2020—The Utilities Technology Council issued the following statement after the Federal Communications Commission stated it will act on its proposed rules to allow unlicensed operation in the 6 GHz spectrum band at its April 23 open meeting:

“We will be reviewing the draft order when it is available. We have and will continue to provide the FCC with technical detail demonstrating the very real interference potential from unlicensed use across all parts of the band and the need for thoroughly tested automated frequency coordination (AFC) to protect incumbent users. While we appreciate the FCC proposing to require AFC for the standard-power access points, these measures must also be applied to all unlicensed devices in the band to prevent interference to mission-critical utility communications systems. We are also concerned that the FCC is planning to allow low-power indoor unlicensed operations across the entire 1200 MHz of the band. In addition, we are concerned that the draft would allow unlicensed devices to operate at power levels that would cause unacceptable levels of interference to vital utility communications systems. We have and will continue to engage with the FCC and interested stakeholders to develop technical requirements that adequately protect critical infrastructure incumbents and allow unlicensed operations to use in the band.”
–UTC Senior Vice President of Government and External Affairs Sharla Artz

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The Utilities Technology Council (UTC) is a global trade association dedicated to serving critical infrastructure providers. Through advocacy, education and collaboration, UTC creates a favorable business, regulatory and technology environment for our members who own or operate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems in support of their core business. For more information:


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