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Earth Day

Earth Day

A blog by President and CEO Sheryl Osiene-Riggs

Spring has sprung! Even though I’m a Christmas baby and love the cozy holiday season, there’s nothing like fresh Spring air. I love leaving the house in the morning, feeling that crisp, cool air. I’m also excited to get back to cookouts and family gatherings in the backyard- there’s nothing better!

Although the air feels fresh, the reality is, it’s not always clean. This is a hard truth that we have been facing for years. For most of us, the phrases “climate change” and “global warming” have been used for most of our adult lives, and for younger generations- it’s all they’ve ever heard and talked about in grade school. Some may say it’s too little too late, but it’s refreshing that more and more companies are becoming carbon neutral or net zero in the near future if they haven’t already done so.

A clean energy grid poses many benefits for both producers and consumers. According to, “…expanding and modernizing the transmission grid would unleash up to $7.8 trillion in investment and generate more than 6 million net new jobs.” With all of the mass layoffs we’ve seen in recent months, this is uplifting to read. Our workforce crisis continues to burn from both ends. On one side, we have qualified individuals who are being overlooked and undervalued and on the other hand, we have job openings that are being overlooked or undervalued. Our industry needs an awakening, it’s time we dust off the cobwebs and start looking ahead to the future. Renewable energy, clean grid, carbon neutral, etc., are all buzzwords that are really exciting to me because of the weight they hold when it comes to the environment.  I hear many of our members don’t come to UTC to talk about the issues surrounding workforce shortages.  I understand but the workforce shortages are causing paused projects, supply chain disruptions, technology hesitation, national security nightmares, and more. Workforce discussions are necessary to ensure the technology solutions that serve us globally.

With Earth Day just around the corner (April 22nd), taking care of the planet is even more top of mind for me. I try to make it a habit to find little ways around the home or office that either help the planet or benefit the planet. Whether you’re taking action in a small way like sitting down and reading your county’s recycling guidelines or in a big way, like planting a tree or attending a march- your community and the Earth will thank you.

Go to and check out the 2023 Earth Day Toolkit for more information on how you can help our planet.


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