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Monroe Keedo

Monroe Keedo

Monroe Keedo develops and builds long-term standing business relationships between the Telecommunications Communications Division of NTUA and prospective telecommunications customers on and off the Navajo Reservation.  He is a research engineer and is responsible for business development and the technical sales engineering aspects of this division. He works closely with hospitals, schools, business, and government entities to design, present and demonstrate technical connectivity solutions.  In addition, he works directly with end-user customers and industry partners, providing input to technical RFP and SOW generation. Technical presentations and customer interactions are a significant part of what he does. Monroe has over 20 years in telecommunications business development.

Monroe led the team which obtained and managed a 32 million dollar NTIA Broadband project.  The project provided access to critical facilities on the Navajo Nation including tribal and federal facilities and public safety response centers; health, social service, and emergency care facilities; public and schools; and tribal Chapter Houses.   This project supported point-to-point data services and large broadband connections for commercial carriers and government and institutional users alike.  He formed the “enabling element” for social and economic change on the Navajo Nation.

Monroe Keedo holds an MBA from, the University of New Mexico, and an MSEE from New Mexico State University.


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