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Ivan Schonwald

Ivan Schonwald

Ivan Schonwald started his career as a technical specialist in 1985 at Ungermann-Bass; a technology startup pioneering the 1st multi-vendor computer networks utilizing Ethernet protocols and experiencing the fast-paced evolution of networking technologies and standards. Through many acquisitions, he has continued staying diverse with IP and other technologies through, Tandem, Newbridge, Alcatel, Alcatel-Lucent, and now Nokia. Through his tenure, he played a major role with wireless service providers in developing a backhaul strategy that evolved with their technology direction, later he directed business development in the Americas for new innovative technology startups within Bell Lab Ventures, and later took an active role in consulting and architecting smart grid solutions for utilities and developing mission-critical communication solutions for the Oil & Gas industry enabling next-generation automation and applications leading to increased production, lower costs, and overall safety improvements. Ivan most recently shifted his time and focus to working directly with energy companies developing plans to transition to 4th generation industrial solutions for now and the future.


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