Deploying Networks for Smart Cities Applications and Smart Communities Technology

JanuaryJan 14 2021 02:00pm - 03:00pm America/New_York

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Deploying Networks for Smart Cities Applications and Smart Communities Technology-Calendar


Cities today are looking to implement smart city initiatives so they can better manage resources and assets; be more efficient and provide residents, businesses and visitors an enhanced city experience and quality of life. To accomplish their smart goals, cities need to have a robust network that blends into the cityscape, avoiding the additional clutter of telecom equipment; and they must do so quickly to minimize disruption. Smart poles, street lighting with wireless as a single infrastructure, can provide the connectivity and backbone for wireless and smart city applications in a form factor people are used to viewing every day.

In this session, we will explore the role street lighting plays on the transformation of cities across the U.S.; the role of fiber networks to support the methodologies to quickly deploy a network for a connected city; and, supply chain’s role in supporting new deployments. This session is a replay of a previously aired presentation. The slides for the session and PDH certificates will be available for this session.

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Bill McShane, Director, Americas, Signify’s Venture iCity

Bill McShane was an inaugural member of Signify's Icity Venture. The team developed its SmartPole offering through an international consortium of companies. Bill now serves as the Director of this business unit's North and Central American operations which operates in the US as well as Canada and Latin America. The Icity Venture enhances wireless technology infrastructure deployments utilizing 4G/5G/5G mm and wi-fi for delivery to municipalities throughout North America
Bill has over 15 years' experience in the lighting industry with Signify. Bill has developed numerous new business offerings for Signify. In addition, Bill served as Signify’s liaison to the US Conference of Mayors. Receiving numerous awards for his innovative approach to large-scale infrastructure projects, he was appointed as an expert technical reviewer for The Ben Franklin Institute of Technology, located in Philadelphia and is a registered speaker for Illuminating Engineering Society.

Jay Borer, Director of Market Development, Corning

Jay Borer is Director of Market Development for Corning’s Carrier Network business and is based in Austin, Texas. He has over 25 years of experience within the fiber optic communications industry including roles in product development, manufacturing, and marketing. His current position has allowed him to assist Corning’s global customer base with their FTTH deployments. He holds 10 US patents for fiber optic interconnect products. Jay earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nebraska.

Chris Bailey, Director, Broadband Alliance Operations, WESCO

Chris Bailey brings over 20 years of supply chain and broadband subject matter expertise. Working in both supplier and distribution companies throughout his career, Chris has been involved numerous deployments with cooperatives and municipalities launching fiber broadband networks. Chris will detail how to select a supply chain partner, what the role of supply chain partner is in launching fiber networks, and what questions to ask your supply chain partners prior to selection.

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