A few case studies of evolving Utility networks from SONET/SDH to MPL

JanuaryJan 12 2021 02:00pm - 03:00pm America/New_York

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A few case studies of evolving Utility networks from SONET SDH to MPLS-Calendar


This presentation examines some distinct utility private OT network evolutions from SONET/ SDH to Packet/ Hybrid-Switched technologies. In each of these case studies, the utility took a different approach on evolving their networks; a complete Network Upgrade, two different Ring-by-Ring upgrade approaches, the insertion of an MPLS Node into a SONET network for an eventual Node-by-Node upgrade. Also, examined are some unique approaches for maintaining enduring services; POT, SCADA and teleprotection (Including electromechanical current differential relaying), as well as future proofing their networks for RAS and SIP applications.

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Tim Phillippe: Senior Product Manager, GE Industrial Communications

Tim Phillippe is a Senior Product Manager for GE Industrial Communications in the area of Utility Networks. Tim has over 30 years’ experience in the Power Utility field, with the last 20 focused primarily on private optical networks for protection and control, SCADA and operations within the utility High Voltage environment. Tim is a senior member of IEEE Power Energy Society, and an active participant in the IEEE Power Systems Relaying Subcommittee.

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