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Utility Poles

Utility Poles—Our Economic Superhighway

When you look at an electric utility distribution pole, what do you see? Do you just see the wooden, steel, or concrete beam coming out of the ground with perhaps a yard sale flier or two on it? Do you see the electric power lines at the very top, running from pole to pole and house to house? Maybe you see the cylindrical and spring-like devices that lower the voltage of the electricity being transmitted along the power lines.

Or do you see the pole for what is really is—an economic superhighway that literally and figuratively powers our digital lives. That’s because that pole is more than just a piece of wood, concrete, or steel. That pole, and the devices attached to it, deliver the essential electricity, voice, and data services that are so vital to our lives.

In many ways, the utility pole is one of the most important pieces of infrastructure in our country. Utility poles distribute the electricity that powers just about everything we do. And critically, these poles play a vital role in bridging the broadband digital divide and deploying next-generation wireless technologies that will bring untold advancements in Internet of Things and related developments.

Want to learn more? You’ve come to the right place. On this page you will find information on utility poles, the history and process of pole-attachment regulation and policies, case studies, and a resource library.

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