UTC Policy Resolutions, 2018

In accordance with the resolutions process approved by the UTC Board of Directors in December 2017, UTC core utility members approved the resolutions below at the May 7-11 Telecom & Technology Annual Membership Meeting.

These resolutions are now official policy positions of the Utilities Technology Council.

UTC has developed a Frequently Asked Questions document to explain the resolutions process in greater detail.

  • Resolution on Providing Utilities Broadband Spectrum While Protecting Incumbents in the 900 MHz Spectrum Band [LINK]
  • Resolution on Supporting Public Power Broadband Deployment [LINK]
  • Resolution on Sharing Access with Utilities and Other Critical Infrastructure Industries in the 4.9 GHz Band [LINK]
  • Resolution on Pole Attachments [LINK]
  • Resolution on Right to Repair [LINK]
  • Resolution on Mobile Communications Operations in the 6 GHz Spectrum Band [LINK]
  • Resolution on Encouraging Expanding Access to the 406-420 MHz Band by Energy and Water Service Providers [LINK]
  • Resolution on Calling on the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to Hold Regular Meetings [LINK]
  • Resolution on Encouraging the Federal Communications Commission to Recognize the Criticality of Energy and Water Utilities in Spectrum Policies [LINK]