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Utility Broadband Connectivity

Electric utilities empower broadband deployment. Either indirectly by providing access to their networks or their infrastructure, or by directly connecting their own communities to the Internet, electric utilities are more than just key partners in bringing broadband services to all Americans. Indeed, utilities make broadband—and broadband expansion–possible.

In many ways, broadband is as critical to our nation’s economic growth as electricity was 100 years ago. Back then, federal grants supported the development of hundreds of small rural electric cooperative and public power utilities to bring electricity to all corners of the U.S.

Today, many of these utilities are expanding upon their public obligation to serve their communities by bringing broadband connectivity in unserved and underserved locations. In addition, several larger privately held utilities are partnering with smaller firms to assist in the deployment of broadband services.

UTC is your one-stop shop for utility broadband information. On this page you will find data, reports, archived webinars, issue briefs, history, and much more.

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