Why UTC Coordination

Frequency Coordination is essential for anyone with a private radio system. UTC Spectrum Services simplifies the tasks of frequency coordination, filing, and FCC licensing. Instead of struggling with planning, paperwork and red tape, rely on UTC, which offers superior quality and value -and helps you avoid costly mistakes. Our Spectrum Services professionals excel in:

  • Simplifying the start-up or expansion of private business radio band systems, including FCC application preparation, frequency coordination and interference trouble-shooting
  • Unlocking the power of alternative spectrum bands and technologies
  • Guiding clients smoothly through system modifications and conversions
  • Saving you from the administrative headaches of applying for FCC radio licenses and fulfilling regulatory requirements
  • Streamlining work by using electronic filing and the latest coordination tools including the ULS and our new online form 601

The Spectrum Services team offers years of experience in:

  • Private Land Mobile Radio coordination
  • 800-900 Land Mobile Application Preparation
  • Below 512 MHz Application Preparation (601 Form and appropriate schedules)
  • Multiple Address Systems (MAS)
  • Microwave Systems
  • Trunked Systems
  • Construction Notification Filing (Schedule K)
  • Large Internal System Coordination

It takes a good amount of time and specialized knowledge to prepare the required FCC and other forms properly for private radio bands. Call on UTC Spectrum Services for the efficient, effective and economical licensing services you need. UTC will handle the details from start to filing, including gathering all information, providing explanatory exhibits and submitting forms to the right offices. We offer expertise in electronic filing via the ULS and the on-line Form 601.

UTC Spectrum Services is ready to help you coordinate and get the frequencies you need. To get our experts working for you, contact UTC Spectrum Services at 202.872.0030 or spectrumservices@utc.org. We can provide you a customized quote for this service based on your unique situation.