The UtiliSite Council is an independent operating unit of UTC that provides learning and collaboration opportunities that affect wireless collocation, joint use or pole attachments and fiber lease opportunities. Our focus is to provide utilities with comprehensive information and solutions on safety, reliability, revenue, and security.

While joint use attachments, are widely governed by FCC or state tariffs, collocation agreements are typically the result of market-based negotiations between the utility and a wireless carrier or its agent and offer excellent opportunities for our member companies to optimize the use of their infrastructure.

With the new focus on fiber lease opportunities, the UtiliSite Council is also creating an opportunity to leverage the work of the Rural Broadband Council in promoting rural utility broadband deployment and interconnection.

UtiliSite enables its members to keep current with changing technology and policies, and prepare for the future. Technology advances and regulation changes are causing the industry to evolve at a rapid pace.

The UtiliSite Council is more than an information exchange; our members are industry experts who serve within the utility wireless collocation and joint use/pole attachment environment.

The UtiliSite Council conducts a biennial comprehensive industry survey, which provides a better understanding of the business practices of utilities, their subsidiaries and affiliates that work in the wireless joint use/pole attachment, fiber and collocation market. The UtiliSite Council helps its members and their customers understand and manage complex regulations, minimize business risk, generate revenue, and provide cost-effective, safe and reliable assets.

Wireless Collocation


Offering Wireless Carriers, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, space on transmission, microwave and other utility infrastructure:

  • Cuts down on the proliferation of new towers
  • Utility can decline site for any reason, at any time throughout process
  • Utility can require full time inspectors on each job site

Fiber Programs

Connection with the optical fiber

Leveraging fiber installed for power system operations for commercial opportunities:

  • Broadband services
  • Backhaul fiber (fiber to the cell tower)
  • Wholesale transport services

Connectivity into remote areas to promote economic growth, education, rural healthcare, etc. Regulatory requirements vary by state and utility

Joint Use/Pole Attachments

Telephone or electricity line in the fields at sunset

Represents telephone, cable, communications wireline and wireless, as well as private party use of distribution infrastructure:

  • Cuts down on the proliferation of new poles which lead to customer complaints
  • Regulatory requirements vary by state and utility
  • Require compliance with NESC or GO95 and utility specific standards

For more information on the UtiliSite Council, call 202.872.0030 or email Bobbi Harris

Communication towers.