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The Other Resolutions

The Other Resolutions

In looking through my past blogs, I noticed I have not yet written about the perennial issue of New Year’s resolutions.  Alas…sometimes I think New Year’s Day should be dubbed Ground Hog’s Day instead because of the many years where my resolutions are identical to those of the year before.  Lose 10 pounds, stop eating sugar, keep in better touch with my old friends, be more patient…with everyone.

Why are these resolutions so hard to keep?  Probably because there are too many to truly focus in on, so it is easier to do the most important one or two and just stick with it/them.  Of the list above, my most important one is to be more patient, but I am not sure I really know how to do that.  So, I will resolve to figure out how to be more patient this year and then apply that knowledge…next year 😊.  The next thing I should be able to stick with is – stop eating sugar! At least I should be able to stop eating overtly sugary products.  Given that at least a little sugar is in almost everything, I will resolve to eliminate overtly sugary things.  There, I said it!  You all will have to help hold me accountable to this resolution.

Now, to my request of you – or at least to UTC’s core utility members.  And, this is an easy one.  Resolve to be a part of our policy resolutions process!  As described in more detail below, every core member has the opportunity to put forward draft policies for UTC’s members to consider.  The membership passed our first nine policy resolutions at the annual conference in Palm Springs last year.  This year, core members could propose modifications to those existing policies or offer entirely new resolutions on either new issues or nuances to existing issues.  I urge you all to resolve to take part in this process that will culminate at our annual conference in Fort Worth in June.  When you see me there, patient as can be in my sugar-free state, do not be jealous of my will power. Instead, get me a Reese’s peanut butter cup, ASAP!  Until we meet again…

Draft Policy Resolutions for June T&T Meeting Due Jan. 31

Core UTC members have until Jan. 31 to submit ideas or concepts for potential policy resolutions to be adopted at the association’s annual Telecom & Technology conference in June.

This will mark the second time UTC pursues policy positions through the resolution process as approved by the UTC Board in its December 2017 meeting. As was the case in 2018, any UTC core utility member can submit a proposed resolution or ideas for a resolution by Jan. 31. Only UTC core utility members can submit a resolution; if a vendor member has an idea, it must be sponsored and submitted by a core utility member.

Once all the proposed resolutions are collected by UTC staff, the Public Policy Division (PPD) will formally accept and discuss the proposals during its regularly scheduled February meeting. PPD members will have the opportunity to edit and debate the proposed resolutions prior to its March call, at which point the division will vote on the resolutions. This call will be open to all UTC core utility members.

Any resolutions cleared by the PPD will be submitted for review and consideration by the entire UTC membership at the annual Telecom and Technology meeting in June 2019, being held in Ft. Worth, TX. Resolutions for consideration at the annual meeting must be distributed to the entire association membership no later than two weeks prior to the event. Additionally, the proposed resolutions will also be posted on the UTC Website.

UTC’s core utility members will vote on the proposed resolutions during the association’s business meeting at the annual conference. Each UTC core utility member company will have one vote during the meeting, meaning that core members must designate one person to cast the company’s vote.

Any resolutions approved at the annual Telecom and Technology meeting will be considered official UTC policy and will inform the association as it advocates for its members in Washington and elsewhere.

For more information, please contact UTC’s Public Policy Team.

2018 List of Resolutions (full text available at ):

  • Resolution on Providing Utilities Broadband Spectrum While Protecting Incumbents in the 900 MHz Spectrum Band
  • Resolution on Supporting Public Power Broadband Deployment
  • Resolution on Sharing Access with Utilities and Other Critical Infrastructure Industries in the 4.9 GHz Band
  • Resolution on Pole Attachments
  • Resolution on Right to Repair
  • Resolution on Mobile Communications Operations in the 6 GHz Spectrum Band
  • Resolution on Encouraging Expanding Access to the 406-420 MHz Band by Energy and Water Service Providers
  • Resolution on Calling on the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to Hold Regular Meetings

Resolution on Encouraging the Federal Communications Commission to Recognize the Criticality of Energy and Water Utilities in Spectrum Policies


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