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It is two days after Thanksgiving, and before I turn my attention completely to the Christmas season, I want to express my gratitude:

-For my God

-For my husband, Alan Hill, for exactly 11 years of marriage (yes, it is our anniversary today) and for being an amazing partner and father to our two girls

-For my two girls, Emma and Charlotte

-For my incredible family – my mom, my step-dad, my brother, my in-laws and step-siblings and step-in laws, my aunt and cousins

-For my amazing friends, especially those who make me laugh the most (you know who you are)

-For my neighbors in Arlington, VA

-For my dogs, Taylor and Lily (and for dogs in general)

-For my horse, Ginny (and for horses, in general – the closest thing to fairy tale creatures that exist)

-For my adopted state – the Commonwealth of Virginia (beautiful beaches, mountains, history, and horse country)

-For this amazing country, where I can be whatever I choose to be

-For the people who protect our country via the armed services, the police forces, fire-fighting units, EMT units, hospitals and utility mutual aid groups

-For the electric, gas and water utilities that provide essential services to our country without which we would not have any modern convenience

-For the UTC membership, and its Board of Directors

-For the incredibly hard-working UTC staff

-For books of all kinds

-For sushi, chips and salsa, and salads with as many things as possible in them (but not all together)

-For my health

-For anything I may have forgotten to add to the list

The bottom line is, so much to be grateful for!

…now onward to the most wonderful time of the year (with the longest “to do” lists – oh dear!)


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