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Kirt Mayson

Kirt Mayson

Kirt Mayson is a 24-year Employee of NorthWestern Energy (NorthWestern Corporation) and now serves as Senior Engineer – Business Technology, Network Engineering, and Operations for NorthWestern. He has an extensive background in Utility Communications Technologies in the areas of fiber optic and microwave systems. Previously Mr. Mayson was an employee of Tetragenics Company, a subsidiary of The Montana Power Company, and was involved in automation solutions for Communications Site Monitoring Systems, Substation Remote Telemetry Units (RTUS), and Hydro-Electric Generation Plant Control Systems. Prior to his utility career, Mr. Mayson was an engineer in the Natural Gas Compression Industry for approximately 10 years. During his tenure with UTC, he served in officer positions of UTC’s North West Region, Region 9 as well as Chair of UTC’s Regional Divisions. Mr. Mayson received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Petroleum Engineering from Montana Tech (now Montana Technological University).


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