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Kevin Huff

Kevin Huff

In the course of his 30 years as a utility IT/OT business professional, Kevin Huff has developed himself as an effective leader of organizational change by way of transforming business organization, process and capabilities.  Kevin’s passion for contesting typical levels of performance in conjunction with his unorthodox approach to problem solving has provided him with various opportunities to lead initiatives for change.  Kevin is considered an expert in his field by his peers and is asked frequently to share his expertise and insights by presenting at diverse public forums and publishing articles in globally distributed technical and self-help publications.  Kevin has received his Bachelor of Management and Master of Business Administration (MBA).  More notably, Kevin is a proud father of four children with Down syndrome which provides him opportunities to support his children with special needs and serve the Arizona Down syndrome community.  Kevin’s love for fly fishing, golf, and nature photography brings balance to his life experience.


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