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Mike Riddle

Mike Riddle

Mike Riddle is the President and General Manager of Incab America LLC (IAL). Mike is both a founder and owner of the company. Mike has 30 years of experience in the electric utility industry, including working as a transmission line designer for a US utility and working for two major fiber optic cable suppliers prior to joining Incab’s team. In addition, he is a US Army veteran, having served in the US Army Signal Corps. Mike also is Incab America’s representative on the IEEE PES Fiber Optic Subcommittee. He is an electrical engineer with both Bachelor’s and Master of Science degrees from North Carolina State University. Mike’s winning spirit is mixed with the fact that he doesn’t believe in failure; mistakes are always an opportunity to learn and grow. By linking a growth mindset to a continuous improvement philosophy, Mike works to build a strong team that is dedicated to serving IAL customers by providing them with collaborative support, focused responsiveness, and quality engineering in world-class fiber optic cables. Mike has accomplished many milestones within the world of fiber optics, including… √ Engineered, sold, and supported the installation of over 15,000 miles of optical ground wire (OPGW); 4,000 miles of all-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS); and 2,000 miles of other types of fiber optic cables and systems in the US and the Americas. √ Built and led his company’s sales, engineering, project management, and production teams and processes to serve the market for fiber optic cable systems in the USA and the Americas. √ Designed literally 100’s of cables and systems to include designs that are now de facto industry standards and set the bar in the industry for long-term reliable performance.


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