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Matt Hand

Matt Hand

Matt got his start in the telecommunications and power utility space when he was 14. The child of two Lineman, he spent his summers in the yard organizing utility equipment. Since then Matt has built a career managing complex, highly visible, large-scale infrastructure services programs. In that time he has experienced every type of manual inspection, labor-intensive survey, asset management, and standard time increment study imaginable. At one point, he led the largest concurrent utility pole inspection in the US spanning 4 years and 6M poles in 46 states.

On that, and other projects he has trained, managed, retooled, and developed strategies to grant people of various backgrounds the ability to quickly identify and learn the equipment. As a part of those projects, Matt gained deep experience in the integration and implementation of complex business processes. It is no stretch to say Matt has been focused on bridging the gap of labor-saving initiatives using AI/ML-based process virtualization for over 20 years.

In his free time, his focus is dedicated to his family (and a little bit of golf). All of his passion, thoughts, and vision come together as he builds and races cars with his 12-year-old son (Currently, a 950hp Shelby Cobra).


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