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Larry Horner

Larry Horner

Larry Horner is a Principal Engineer and Senior Solution Architect at Intel. His efforts focus on accelerating the transformation of the global communication provider network. His work covers all aspects of the carrier transformation including virtualization from innovation to scale deployment from the enterprise edge premises equipment into the core of the CSP network.

His insights, breadth of experience, and ability to work directly and in depth in both the business and technical levels of the transformation taking place in this industry bring a sharp focus to the opportunity and challenges being addressed today by the industry.

Larry is a trusted advisor to a number of leading Global CSP operators and has worked in areas of transformation of the CSP network going back to the earliest days of the Mobile Network.

He leads training workshops, and training and has over 70 Intel Network Builders courses available, and works to accelerate innovative transformations with AT&T, Vz, T-Mobile, BT, Telefonica, NTT, DTAG, Orange, MTS, Singtel, Telstra, and others.

Larry holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and specialized in information and communication theory beyond the master’s level. He holds two U.S. patents relating to fundamental changes in the communication network transitioning to the all-IP network. He has held various senior-level positions in the Network Equipment Provider community in the design, operations, test, support, and influencer roles.

He has been a key technical and management contributor to the IP transformation of the communications community for decades. Larry has designed, developed, and supported critical systems for the CSP network that have gone into over 300 networks worldwide. Larry also has direct experience with a U.S.-based Tier 1 carrier. A Life Senior Member of the IEEE, member of the board of the local Communication Society, North America Region 5 ComSoc representative, and General Co-Chair on the board for the International IEEE NFV SDN conference. He is a regular speaker at conferences and has briefed the Office of the President of the United States on Telecom Security. In his spare time, he enjoys building houses and furniture.


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