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Enoch Charles Jr.

Enoch Charles Jr.

Enoch Charles Jr. is a Manager of Telecom Transport Deployment at Center Point Energy in Houston, Texas where his areas of expertise are network infrastructure including radio frequency, fiber Substation Communications buildouts, and Smart Grid installation. He also serves as the Chairman of the IT/OT Committee and Board of director member with UTC. He is a past board member and an outstanding corporate member of the ENTELEC Associations.

Enoch was fortunate to be involved in several “once a career type projects.” These include the design and implementation of several “first of systems,” such as the Trunked Voice Radio, Mobile Data Radio, and Automated Meter Radio systems. He also helped design and turn up over 150 radio/microwave tower sites for the AOC project and managed the project to build the network that connected IT’s primary (ECDC) and backup (AOC) data centers together.

Enoch continued his career in the Telecommunications field working with GTE Mobile Net NOW Verizon Wireless and Lucent Technologies in Houston, Texas on Analog to Digital (CDMA Network conversion in the Houston/Gulfcoast Market). Enoch was honored with The Excellent Award while employed with General Dynamics Worldwide for his excellent design and implementation skills.

In his 28 years in the Telecommunications industry, he has worked with virtually every major Wireless carrier as he continues to make his mark in the Telecommunications and utility world. Since Enoch‘s beginning works with CenterPoint Energy, the company’s investment and response to radio frequency concerns have moved to the forefront.

Enoch is active in several public and private organizations and serves as an active mentor for young men locally as well as in surrounding cities.


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