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Carlos L’Abbate

Carlos L’Abbate

Carlos L’Abbate joined the company as Chief Technology Officer in February 2021 and leads the company’s technology and engineering vision to enable successful customer pursuit and deployment of 900 MHz private broadband network for utilities and critical infrastructure entities across the United States. Prior to Anterix, Carlos was a member of the FirstNet Authority CTO organization where he was responsible for advising the FirstNet Authority executive team and board of directors in the areas of technology and product development, wireless standards, and network architecture.
Prior to his time at FirstNet Authority, Carlos was Senior Director of radio access networks and mobile devices at Nextel International, where he oversaw the technology development, network architecture, technical vendor selection, and wireless network design for the company’s networks in 5 countries.
Carlos completed the PLD (Program for Leadership Development) at Harvard Business School and earned his Post Graduate in Business Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas and his Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from the Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações – Inatel.


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