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UTC Webinar: Rethinking the FAN

JuneJun 03 2021 02:00pm - 11:55pm America/New_York

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As distribution utilities strive to improve grid performance and becoming green, they need to modernize their distribution grids. Underpinning the modernization efforts is a shift in the communications technologies utilized in field area networks (FAN). The current approach of deploying multiple purpose-built, application-specific FANs incurs high operational cost, impeding the ability to converge into a unified communications infrastructure for advanced grid automation. Without a converged FAN, application integration and future innovation stalls, or is impossible.

This session will discuss a new converged FAN architecture based on IP/MPLS and LTE. By extending layer 2 and 3 IP/MPLS services from WAN to FAN to support GOOSE-based and IP-based applications, it provides secure and reliable communications locally among field devices, as well as with operations centers and data centers.

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