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UTC Webinar Replay: Preparing for Small Cells and 5G Pole Attachments

AprilApr 15 2021 02:00pm - 11:55pm America/New_York

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20-Calendar-UTC Webinar Replay- Preparing for Small Cells and 5G Pole Attachments


This is a replay of two previously delivered sessions from the 2020 annual conference. The speakers may be available for questions. Questions may also be addressed in the Networks community.

Session 1: The nationwide push for 5G and expanded wireless coverage has led to a sharp increase in the demand for the attachment of wireless facilities to utility-owned poles and other utility infrastructure. In this new “5G and small cell world,” utilities must be prepared to address issues that are unique to wireless attachments, be able to balance the increasing demands on their infrastructure with their own deployment needs, and – above all – ensure that these wireless attachments do not compromise the safety, reliability, and integrity of the utility’s distribution infrastructure. This presentation will discuss important practical issues that arise in connection with wireless attachments and how those issues can be proactively managed through the utility’s pole attachment contracts and practices.

Session 2: The race to 5G is changing the approach for most carriers. In addition to the large antennas for macro sites, 5G will also require many small cell nodes. By using secondary pole attachments, there is a great opportunity to utilize existing utility pole real estate for small cell sites. This presentation will discuss the latest options to add antenna attachments to existing poles for both small cell and macro applications. The new Adaptive Pole Top line from Valmont Site Pro 1 allows you to transform any existing lighting, traffic or utility pole into 4G and 5G small cell nodes. These are designed for use with wood, metal, concrete or composite poles. Side arm mounts are also an option that can be bolted or banded to any existing pole.

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