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UTC Webinar Replay: OT/IT Convergence for Network Wide Synchronization

AprilApr 08 2021 02:00pm - 11:55pm America/New_York

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20-Calendar-UTC Webinar Replay- OT-IT Convergence for Network Wide Synchronization


Utilities have relied on numerous timing sources (GPS, 1588 PTP, IRIG) over the years to synchronize their networks. The challenge of employing multiple timing sources makes it difficult to maintain synchronization consistency across all utility sites.

Legacy timing sources such as GPS can be subject to vulnerabilities such as security breaches, position location, comparing multiple sources and multi GNSS constellations. The presentation examines power system applications that rely on precise time, including the latest travelling wave based protection methods, to understand the accuracy requirements that need to be met.

This presentation will introduce a resilient approach to timing distribution which uses the Wide Area Network(WAN) for synchronization which is common in telecom and mobile networks. We’ll address using time distribution protocols such as 1588v2 Telecom Profile in the WAN and Power Profile for the substation.

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