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UTC Webinar: Cloud vs. Fog

MayMay 20 2021 02:00pm - 11:55pm America/New_York

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Cloud technology has the power to completely change communities and to improve the lives of local residents and businesses. So it’s no surprise to see the demand for connectivity continue to grow along with the available government funding. But as feasibility studies begin and broadband projects launch across the country, it’s vital to know that not all clouds are created equal and can be the single difference between success and failure. It’s easy to mistake fog for a cloud, and that can have dire results because the infrastructure, design and backbone of the cloud are vital for you being able to efficiently leverage the technology and maximize your infrastructure.

Together, we’ll walk through the cloud and provide you with the understanding, working knowledge and questions you should be asking in order to make the right and profitable decision. By the end, you’ll be fully equipped to make the right choices and establish the beneficial partnerships needed to take you to cloud nine.

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