UTC Training Webinar: Introduction to Fiber Strength and Reliability for Aerial Networks

FebruaryFeb 06 2020 02:00pm - 03:30pm America/New_York

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Bundle of optical fibers with lights in the ends. Blue background.

Fiber has a well-earned reputation for reliability.  However, many fiber users don’t fully appreciate the extent of engineering depth that has gone into the understanding of fiber strength and reliability.  This webinar will take a deeper look into the factors that affect fiber and cable strength and reliability, with a special focus on aerial network applications. This is important for utilities planning fiber deployments and utilities maintaining existing aerial fiber systems. Specific topics to be covered include how fiber and cable manufacturing influence fiber strength and reliability, what happens to a fiber when a cable is under an ice and/or wind load, why fiber lasts, and how utilities can design and install reliable networks.

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