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Traditional & Alternate Applications of Optical Ground Wire

MarchMar 03 2021 02:00pm - 11:55pm America/New_York

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Calendar-Traditonal & Alternate Applications


Optical ground wire, or as it is commonly referred to as OPGW, has become more and more an integral part of the electrical grid. It offers a multitude of functions from protecting the circuits from lightning strikes and running faults to ground as a traditional shield wire would, while also offering an optical pathway for utilities. This pathway can enable more efficient grid management in the form of SCADA and protective relay response, internal WANs, and in some cases additional revenue streams from leasing dark fiber to third parties. In this webinar, we will cover the traditional shield wire application of OPGW as well as dive into other lesser-known applications for which OPGW can be an excellent option.

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Adam Harrison| Solutions Manager – Energy Market AFL

Adam Harrison is a Solutions Manager with AFL. After more than 8 years at AFL, he has held various roles with the majority of time spent providing applications engineering support to the electric utility industry. He has experience in designing fiber optic cable solutions, supporting the installation of networks, and training installers on the use of fiber optic cable and accessories. In his current role, he manages the Application Engineering group for the Energy Market. Adam holds a BS in Material Science & Engineering from Clemson University.

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