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Sharla Artz

Sharla Artz is the VP of Government Affairs for Policy and Cybersecurity at UTC. Ms. Atrz was formerly the director of Government Affairs at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) where she established close working relationships with government officials, contributed knowledgeable insight for sound public policy decision making, and was an advocate on technology and business-related issues. Ms. Artz was the assistant general counsel for the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), serving the 50 state…
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Sheila Wells

Sheila.Wells HS
Sheila Wells is a Senior Engineer with Nashville Electric Service located in Nashville, TN. Nashville Electric Service is one of the 12 largest public electric utilities in the nation, distributing energy to over 370,000 customers in Middle Tennessee.  At NES, Sheila is responsible for Substation Communications and Wireless Attachments. She has been in the utility industry for over 25 years and has managed wireless collocations since 2003.
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Dwight Linn

Dwight.Linn HS
Dwight Linn is a network architect/systems engineer. He worked with broadband networks in the US military and civilian industry. He worked for GTE, Hitachi, Motorola, Racal, Milgo, and other leading edge broadband start-ups (Licom and T3plus). He contributed to the launch of new products in both hardware and software, as a C4I systems engineer in the USAF. He can be contacted at 978-877-9031 . He was with Coastcom and Bayly organizations for over seven years…
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Darin Painter

Darin.Painter HS
Darin Painter has served as Executive Director of Sales – Stationary Power for Plug Power Inc. since its 2014 acquisition of ReliOn. Painter’s activities focus on the sale and implementation of Plug Power’s ReliOn stationary products, including hardware and associated services offerings to Telecommunications, Railroad and International clients as well as the Central U.S. Regional market. Prior to his responsibilities at Plug Power, he worked for ReliOn since 2005. Previously, Painter was Director of Sales…
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Daniel Bayouth

Daniel.Bayouth HS
Daniel Bayouth is an electrical engineer specializing in utility telecommunications and network engineering. Mr. Bayouth’s experience includes IP/MPLS WAN, substation IEC 61850, DWDM, and SONET network design and implementation as well as microwave, narrowband radio, and communications tower construction. He is the project manager and lead architect for the installation and expansion of 1, 10, and 100 Gbps IP/MPLS networks for multiple investor owned utilities across the United States.
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Andrew Ginter

Andrew.Ginter HS
Andrew Ginter is the VP Industrial Security at Waterfall Security Solutions. Before Waterfall he spent 25 years leading teams developing communications, industrial control system, IT/OT middleware, and industrial cyber-security products. At Waterfall, Andrew leads a team of subject matter experts and represents Waterfall to standards bodies and other authorities. Andrew is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Michigan Technological University, and the author of "SCADA Security - What's broken and how to fix it."
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Bob Lockhart

Bob Lockhart is the VP of Cybersecurity, Technology and Research for UTC. He has seven years of experience in electricity grid cybersecurity, with 25 years of total experience in information security. He was previously Navigant’s research director of transmission, distribution, smart metering, demand response, home energy, software, telecommunications, data analytics, and cybersecurity.  His research areas of expertise include industrial control systems security, smart meter security, meter data management, distribution automation, energy storage and cloud computing.  Before becoming…
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Bobbi Harris

Bobbi Harris is the VP of Market Strategy & Development at UTC. In her years as a global strategic marketing professional, she has focused on environmental issues and sustainability technologies to address water and energy challenges including smart water infrastructure, smart grid, cleantech and green building initiatives. Ms. Harris is also founder and CEO of Smart Water, Smart City, LLC and a leader in market analysis, strategic intelligence and technology assessments. Ms. Harris graduated summa cum…
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