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Resilience Part 2 of 2 

Last month, I talked about the resilience of the UTC Team and their willingness to “pivot” and power through the last 2 years. This month, I want to recognize who we do it for our members. UTC has been around for almost 75 years and yes, that is a long time, but the mission and vision of the association have always been to serve our members. 

Let us take this moment to celebrate the resilience of our utility workers and all they do for us in our times of need. As I listen to the stories from these unsung heroes, I am amazed by their dedication and resilience to deploy and deliver life-sustaining services to each one of us, at a moment’s notice. They run into natural disasters, as we run out. They keep the lights on in our darkest moments. They make sure we are warm at night   

This past year has presented us with unprecedented natural disasters, and while that word has become a household term, there is no other way to describe what we have witnessed. From the literal freezing-cold temperatures in Texas, the wildfires throughout the western part of the country, to the aftermath of hurricanes in the Southeast and Northeast- you were there. Lineworkers, telecom engineers, and outdoor plant technicians. You continue to exemplify your resilience by running to, not away, from disasters. For that, I thank you. UTC thanks you. Our families thank you. 

This past August during our annual UTC Telecom & Technology conference, hurricane Henry had just veered off into the Atlantic after creating considerable damage on the East coast. For some of our attendees, this meant they would not be joining us in Portland. There was no choice in the matter when people’s lives were at stake. At this same moment, almost every utility professional was monitoring the path of the Caldor Fire and the emerging tropical depression that would become Hurricane Ida.  Although my time in this industry is comparatively short compared to most of our members, in those moments, I understood the importance of their duties. You- our members do not see your work as a “job.” It is about livelihood. 

I am honored to serve our critical energy and utility industry and as President & CEO, I will continue to ensure that UTC is committed to changing the narrative surrounding the utility workforce.  The work of our utility professionals positively impacts our lives daily.  Throughout my time at UTC, I have witnessed how much you cherish the work you do, all while remaining humble. I will continue to recognize you as “unsung heroes” in our communities until you get the recognition and praise that you deserve, as our first responders. 

It is in our nature as human beings to seek rewarding and purposeful work. Even if the reward is a simple “Thank you,” it goes a long way. If you are reading this, I encourage you to thank your utility workers for their contributions to your community because I guarantee they have helped you more times than you’ll ever know.  

Resilience means taking control of the situation and recovering from it.  

Resilience gets me out of bed every morning.  my service to a higher being compels me to ensure that all of us at UTC can match our members’ resilience and play our part in supporting an industry that puts the lives of others first every day! 


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