Programs & Committees

Programs & Committees

Membership Division

Serves as a core resource for recruiting and renewing UTC members. The division will develop a membership engagement strategy and plan along with encouraging existing members who are excited and interested in promoting membership in UTC to engage in a peer-to-peer recruitment and retention campaign.  Staff Liaison Contact Karnel Thomas or Tiffany Bennett

Public Policy Division

Set up to establish, review and execute a compelling program of work that supports and advances UTC’s issues and policy positions with legislators, regulators and utilities, including UTC members. Staff Liaison Contact Sharla Artz

Technical Division

A core resource for UTC staff, board of directors, committees and divisions around emerging technical topics which may span across multiple or previously unaddressed subject areas of existing committees. The division will guide questions and issues toward existing subject matter experts (SMEs) within the UTC organization and recruit new SMEs. Staff Liaison Contact Bob Lockhart

Regional Council

Represents the membership of our ten U.S. Regions. The UTC Regional Council strives to support and align with the overall mission and vision of the UTC organization, consistently throughout our Regions.  Staff Liaison Contact Karnel Thomas

Utilities Broadband Council

Role is to promote opportunities for utilities to provide broadband services and deploy broadband networks in rural unserved and underserved areas through legislative and regulatory advocacy and also liaisons with other interested organizations. RBC will promote opportunities for broadband funding for rural utilities and enable networking with utilities on ways to provide broadband to rural America.  Staff Liaison Contact Brett Kilbourne

UtiliSite Council

Role is to provide thought leadership, advocacy with a unified industry voice, knowledge sharing, solutions development and educational opportunities for utility wireless collocation, joint use and fiber leasing.  Staff Liaison Contact Bobbi Harris

IT/OT Committee

Facilitates the advancement of UTC’s member intelligence across all utility types and strengthens the direction of IT/OT products and solutions. Through various forums, this committee will impart industry expert knowledge, enabling relationships of UTC members and product vendors, and ensure that IT/OT information is readily available.  Staff Liaison Contact Bob Lockhart

Knowledge and Learning Division

Provides strategic support to ensure focus, direction and support to the various Divisions/Committees within UTC. The goal is the creation and dissemination of clear, concise communication of UTC’s experience and industry intelligence across all critical infrastructure types. The committee also serves as an information repository for all UTC groups. Staff Liaison Contact Bobbi Harris

Security, Risk and Compliance Committee

UTC core member-only body, which is used to facilitate a member driven conversation centered on industry issues which rest upon the pillars of cyber, physical, and human security, risk and compliance. Committee scope includes IT, OT, telecom, physical security, and any other systems that utilities deploy.  Staff Liaison Contact Sharla Artz

Telecom Committee

Focuses on specific industry related telecom issues, which may or may not include spectrum advocacy issues, technical reviews, or thought leadership through the development of white papers, presentations and webinars, etc.  Staff Liaison Contact Brett Kilbourne