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Past Award Winners

Past Award Winners

UTC Dondanville Award

Established in 1989, the Dondanville Award is named in honor of UTC’s first president, Russell V. Dondanville. This award formally recognizes an individual’s extraordinary service and dedication to UTC over the years through active participation in numerous Association activities.

Throughout the years, UTC has evolved and adapted in many ways. The one thing that has remained constant, is the member-driven initiative of the organization. There are individuals who take part in this initiative and during the course of UTC’s growth, have played a key role in the growth of the organization.

Participating in both regional and national events, attending meetings, and joining conference calls are all of equal priority to these individuals which is evident through their consistent attendance and support for the Association. Dondanville Award nominees are recognized for their unwavering dedication, inspiring perspective, and devotion. This is a person who shows integrity “on and off the court.”


  • 2020 Brett Kilbourne,Utilities Technology Council
  • 2019 Matt SchnellNebraska Public Power District
  • 2018 Ron Taylor, SRP (Retired)
  • 2017 Mike Lowe, Blue Ridge MC
  • 2016 Karnel Thomas, Utilities Technology Council
  • 2015 Tom Perry, Santee Copper
  • 2014 Ronald Beck, Lincoln PUD
  • 2013 Troy West, CLECO
  • 2012 Ed Ingersol, Gainesville Regional Utility (Retired)
  • 2011 Rusty Williams, Southern Company (Retired) & AFL
  • 2010 Jeff Selman, Tri-State Generation & Transmission
  • 2009 Ken Campbell, American Electric Power
  • 2008 Joe Lackey
  • 2007 Leonard Leech, Nashville Electric Service
  • 2006 Bill Anderson, MA/COM
  • 2005 Jeff Katz, PSEG Services Corp
  • 2004 Bernard Jacob, Gulf Power
  • 2003 John Howell, CenterPoint Energy
  • 2002 Steve Carrico, Lee Lake Consulting
  • 2001 Ben Doty
  • 2000 Robert H. Leonard, New York Power Authority
  • 1999 George Stoll, Utility Telecom Group
  • 1998 Charles M. Meehan, UTC (The Telecommunications Association)
  • 1997 William M. Chapman, Intermountain Gas Company
  • 1996 Robert A. Augustson, Public Service Company of Colorado
  • 1995 John O. Myers, Southern Company Services, Inc.
  • 1994 Robert L. Taunton, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
  • 1993 Douglas M. Morton, Northeast Utilities Service Company
  • 1992 Dee L. Hurm, Florida Power Corporation
  • 1991 E. William Downer, Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company
  • 1990 John W. Albus, Virginia Power
  • 1989 Charles W. Blood, Union Electric Company


UTC Meehan Award

Established in 1998, the Meehan Award is named in honor of UTC’s first Executive Director, Charles M. (Mike) Meehan. The award was created to recognize individuals for their extraordinary leadership in projects during the past year that greatly furthered the interests and objectives of UTC.

If there is one thing we have learned in the past year, it’s that perseverance and leadership go a long way. The utility industry has not only dealt with the lasting effects of the pandemic, it has powered us through multiple, hard-hitting natural disasters. The type of initiative and tenacity that it took to get through the obstacles of 2020, is what makes a true leader.

Meehan Award nominees exemplify leadership and dedication in the utility industry. These individuals go above and beyond for UTC, its members, and the mission and vision of the Association.
  • 2020 Sheila Wells, Nashville Electric Service
  • 2019 Anthony Suppa, Jr. Public Service Electric & Gas Company
  • 2018 Karen Flewharty, Oncor
  • 2017 Kevin Malloy, National Grid
  • 2016 Matt Schnell, Nebraska Public Power District
  • 2015 Greg Angst, CenterPoint Energy
  • 2014 Kathy Nelson, Great River Energy
  • 2013 Chuck Hackney, CenterPoint
  • 2012 Doug McGinnis, Exelon
  • 2011 Mike Lowe, Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corp
  • 2010 Steve Zoromsky
  • 2009 Ron Bilodeau, NV Energy
  • 2008 Allen Garrison, SRP Telecom
  • 2007 Miguel Angel Sanchez Fornie, Iberdrola
  • 2006 Rusty Williams, Southern Company
  • 2005 Joe Lackey
  • 2004 John Cull, National Grid USA
  • 2003 Mark Gray, Potomac Electric Power Company
  • 2002 John Krupcale, Niagara Mohawk
  • 2001 Neil Flynn, FPL FiberNet
  • 2000 Michael J. Schmitz, Platte River Power Authority
  • 1999 James O. Stahl, PacifiCorp
  • 1998 Dymitr Wajsman
UTC Connie Durcsak Unsung Hero Award

The Connie Durcsak Visionary Award is named after Connie Durcsak, a former UTC President and CEO. The UTC staff created this award in memory of her legacy and presents it to individuals of a member utility who personally exemplified and embodied the visionary spirit of UTC and our industry. The award symbolizes the valiant dedication and service, the people and organizations in the energy, utility, and critical infrastructure industry provide to their communities.

In 2021, our world was severely impacted by a pandemic. However, utilities continued to successfully persevere to provide us with critical electricity, water, and gas. At the recommendation of our current President and CEO, Sheryl Riggs she proposed to rename the award, the Connie Durcsak Unsung Heroes award to amplify the selfless, admirable, necessary, never-ending work that our utility workers do every day in extenuating circumstances. They perform heroic tasks daily and there is often no press, fanfare, or acknowledgment of the lifesaving efforts performed by our utility workers… Unsung Heroes, indeed!

The award is open to all energy, utility, and critical infrastructure industry entities independent of corporate size, type, or geographic scale. All utilities are encouraged to apply for the award.


  • 2020 Ronald Beck, Central Lincoln People’s Utility District.
  • 2019 Kevin B. Huff, Salt River Project
  • 2018 Sheila Wells, Nashville Electric Service
  • 2017 Karen Flewharty, Oncor
  • 2016 Matt Schnell, Nebraska Public Power District

The UTC APEX Award recognizes utilities that have completed compelling telecommunication projects; whether in emergencies or in steady-state, utility communications technology saves lives, protects the property, and provides opportunities for communities to enhance economic prosperity.


  • 2020 Ameren Services
  • 2019 Okanagan County Public Utility District No. 1
  • 2018 BARC Electric Cooperative
  • 2017 Midwest Energy Cooperative
  • 2016 Co-Mo Electric Cooperative
  • 2015 Kit Carson Electric Cooperative
  • 2014 Nashville Electric Service
  • 2013 CenterPoint Energy
  • 2012 Orion Power & Utilities
  • 2011 Nebraska Public Power District
  • 2010 Southern California Edison
  • 2009 EDP- Electricidade De Portugal, S.A.
  • 2008 San Diego Gas & Electric
  • 2007 Jackson Energy Authority
  • 2006 Cleco
  • 2005 Cinergy

Building on the legacy of UTC Awards, we have established the IMPACT Awards. The IMPACT Awards will honor the UTC Associate Member Organizations making a great impact on our industry through an innovative and proven solution. Members can choose one of three categories areas: Hardware, Software, or Service. There will be three Impact Awards given.

The evaluation criteria will ensure that all UTC Associate Member organizations, regardless of size, type, or offering can clearly communicate, affirm, and support their nomination. These evaluation criteria were established to be relevant, comprehensive, well-aligned with the ever-evolving definition of “impact,” transparent for nominees AND clearly defined for our voting bodies.
  • 2020 Awards were not presented due to COVID
  • 2019 Hardware Winner: RFL/Hubbell Power Systems
  • 2019 Software Winner: Ciena
  • 2018 Hardware Winner: MiMOMax
  • 2018 Software Winner: Ciena
  • 2018 Services Winner: Lerman Senter
  • 2017 Software Winner: ECI Telecom
  • 2017 Hardware Winner: Council Rock
  • 2017 Services Winner: Alianza
  • 2016 Software Winner: MegaSys
  • 2016 Hardware Winner: Ciena



  • 2018 Public Service Electric and Gas Company
  • 2017 Ken Hill – Senior Project Manager, PPL Infrastructure
  • 2016 Kansas City Power and Light
  • 2015 Southern California Edison


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