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UTC Study Finds Satellite Technology a Growing Component of Utility Communications

UTC Study Finds Satellite Technology a Growing Component of Utility Communications

(Washington, DC)  Satellite technology is a growing component of utility telecommunications, with the majority of utilities using satellite communications, according to a study conducted by the Utilities Telecom Council (UTC).  The study, Strategic Assessment of Satellite Usage in the Utility Industry, is an in-depth analysis of how utilities use a wide-range of public and private communications technologies and how satellite fits into the complex array of communications solutions utilities use to run the energy grid and other critical infrastructure industries.

Based on focus group research with top technologists and industry-wide survey research, the study found that the greatest benefit to utilities from satellite technology is that it enables ubiquitous network connectivity across the utility’s service areas.  According to the research, satellite’s portability—its ability to bring communications connectivity where needed—is a related key benefit.  Around 60% of utilities use some form of satellite communications today.  In addition, about one-fifth of utilities that are not currently using satellite communications plan to do so with the next two years.  Finally, utilities expressed the need to learn more about this communications option.

“Utilities are coping with ever-increasing demands on their communications infrastructures, particularly as grid modernization rapidly elevates the role of digital technologies to become the fundamental underpinning of energy delivery in this nation,” Connie Durcsak, UTC’s President and CEO said.  “The study shows that utilities and other critical infrastructure industries want to learn more about modern satellite technology and we’re proud to help fill their information needs with this useful knowledge resource.”

Strategic Assessment of Satellite Usage in the Utility Industry is a data-rich report that offers in-depth survey results on how utilities use and deploy a range of technology solutions; the key drawbacks and benefit of numerous communications technologies; the benefits and drawback of various private and public networks; how utilities use satellite and the benefits they obtain from the technology and much more.  UTC utility members can download this report at no cost. UTC associate members and non-members can purchase the report by visiting UTC Store.

UTC will host a webinar: Satellite Usage in the Utility Industry: Experience from the Field and UTC Study Results on April 4, 2012 at 2 PM EDT.   Utilities and other interested parties can find out more about the study and hear first-hand from top utility representatives.  Register for this event at

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Utilities Telecom Council
Utility telecommunications is integral to reliable and secure utility services. UTC is the premier trade association navigating the convergence of telecommunications, operations and information technology to identify, innovate and enable mission critical solutions for essential utility services.  Since 1948, UTC has served as the source and resource for information and communications technology (ICT) solutions, collaboration and advocacy for utilities and other critical infrastructure industries.


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