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UTC Launches New Name

UTC Launches New Name

Washington, DC, May 9, 2016 – In response to wide ranging changes in the utility industry, UTC today announced its new name. Officially approved by the UTC Board of Directors last week in Denver, the new name is now the Utilities Technology Council. UTC has also launched a new company website and introduced an updated logo.

“The new name preserves the UTC initials to leverage existing brand equity, while expanding UTC’s focus beyond telecom and addressing the multitude of technology advancements our industry is facing every day. By changing our name to reflect the changing environment of utilities, UTC is keeping pace with the industry and the issues that our members are facing,” said Bobbi Harris, VP, Market Strategy and Development at UTC.

“We know that telecom is essential to utilities’ operational efficiency and they rely upon clear, secure, reliable telecommunications. Today, utilities are also facing a multitude of new technologies and devices, which test the communications infrastructure and the security of their systems. UTC is adding more focus on these key areas and will continue to be a voice of our membership,” said Harris.

“Over the last 68 years, we have become a clear leader in telecom advocacy and cybersecurity for utilities around the world. UTC remains dedicated to meeting our members’ needs and we are proud to become known as the Utilities Technology Council,” said Matt Schnell, the new Chairman of the Board of UTC. The new name also reflects an effort to expand and extend our membership within utilities to include the IT professionals, as well as the OT professionals we have served for so long.

The UTC mission remains to shape the future of utility mission critical technologies by driving innovation, fostering collaboration and influencing public policy. We hold to the vision that UTC is the trusted advisor to utilities and other critical infrastructure providers globally. The Council serves as the source and resource for our members to deploy technologies and solutions that deliver secure, reliable and affordable mission critical services.

About UTC
The Utilities Technology Council (UTC) is a global trade association dedicated to serving critical infrastructure providers. Through advocacy, education and collaboration, UTC creates a favorable business, regulatory and technology environment for our members who own or operate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems in support of their core business.


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