Electrical Designer I

December 1, 5:32 pm

Under indirect and intermittent supervision, to do all levels of drafting work on which the general design has been established, on construction and rehabilitation projects on transmission substations, service buildings and other Company transmission properties; and to do related work as required. In the connection to perform details of work, such as: Prepare finished drawings from preliminary designs, diagrams, layouts, sketches, notes, specifications, or verbal instructions. Make study drawings, modify wiring drawings and assist with other electrical drawings in the development of a construction project. Make simple calculations or use tables or determine wire sizes, conduit sizes, etc. Make wiring diagrams from schematics. Prepare schedules, bills of materials, etc. Occasionally, check drawings of other Electrical Designer I or CAD Technicians. Assist in department training program as a mentor, trainer or other assigned by supervision. Occasionally, obtain detailed information in the field, usually accompanied by a Supervisor, Electrical Designer II or others. Maintain and update information in the electronic drawing management system.