Chief Distribution Operator

December 1, 5:52 pm

Under direction organizes, assigns and reviews the work of assigned personnel engaged in skilled tasks associated with the maintenance and operation of the District’s water distribution system; performs duties requiring specialized knowledge including the maintenance and operation of storage, flow and pressure control systems; and provides administrative support to assigned supervisor. This is the Chief Operator level in the Distribution Operator series. Positions at this level are distinguished from other classes within the series by the level of responsibility assumed, complexity of duties assigned, independence of action taken, by the amount of time spent performing the duties, and by the nature of the public contact made. Employees perform the most difficult and responsible types of duties assigned to classes within this series, including providing technical and functional supervision over assigned personnel and perform the most difficult and complex duties associated with the maintenance and operations of the water distribution system. Employees at this level are required to be fully trained in all procedures related to assigned areas of responsibility.