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August 27, 2018



No Industry Intelligence Next Week; Sept. 10 Issue Gets a Facelift!

Due to the Labor Day holiday, the next issue of Industry Intelligence will be published on Monday, Sept. 10.

And as we have advertised over the last few weeks, the next issue will have a completely new look and feel.

Starting on Sept. 10, Industry Intelligence will have a new look and feel. It will also be available and accessible online, with an archive to past issues.

The new design will make Industry Intelligence easier to read and navigate. This will improve its mission of informing UTC members of the latest policy developments in Washington and elsewhere that impact your mission-critical work.

Thank you for your hard work for our association. Please contact us if you have any questions.

U.S. Nuclear Regulators Update Guidance on Cybersecurity

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC, the Commission) recently updated its guidance on how nuclear plant operators should comply with its cybersecurity protocols.

Posted on its Website earlier this month, the NRC is seeking comment on its draft update for the nuclear industry to use as they face NRC safety inspections of their plants and operating procedures, the Commission said.

The NRC first released the cyber guidance—formally called a “regulatory guide” (RG)–in 2010; this update attempts to provide a framework to help nuclear plant operators identify critical digital assets (CDAs) that must be protected from a cyberattack. These CDAs generally include nuclear plant digital computer and communications systems and networks used for safety and related functions, and can include office equipment like scanners, copiers, and printers.

“The goal of this RG is to tailor the well-known and well-understood set of security controls (based on [National Institute of Standards and Technology] cybersecurity standards) that address potential cyber risks to CDAs to provide a flexible programmatic approach in which the licensee or applicant can establish, maintain, and successfully integrate these security controls into a site-specific cybersecurity program,” the guidance states.

Nuclear plant operators should establish a cybersecurity plan to both protect these systems from attack and ensure that if these assets are compromised, that they do not jeopardize safety, the NRC said.

The NRC inspects nuclear plant operations on a routine basis; this guide is an attempt to notify the industry of what the agency’s inspectors will be looking for during their inspections.

Please contact the UTC Public Policy Team with questions.

‘How Utilities Can Enable Rural Broadband’ Webinar Now Available!

Members of UTC know full well how utilities can help bridge the Digital Divide, and last week we pushed the message out to a wider audience with our widely attended Webinar, “How Utilities Can Enable Rural Broadband—A Case Study in Mississippi.”

The Webinar discussed a unique partnership between Entergy Mississippi and C Spire, a Ridgeland, MS, based private wireless carrier, to bring broadband services to unserved areas of the utility’s service territory.

Mississippi Public Service Commission Chairman Brandon Presley spearheaded the concept, which started out as a rate case on the utility’s advanced-metering program, and Entergy Mississippi found a willing partner in C Spire to figure out the details.

Chairman Presley participated in the Webinar and outlined his desire to bring broadband to his constituents. Robert C. Grenfell of Entergy Mississippi and Ben Moncrief of C Spire joined the discussion as well.


A recording of the Webinar is available online; please contact the UTC Public Policy Division if you have any questions.

Committee Corner!

New to UTC? Long-time member and want to get more involved? Consider joining one of UTC’s interactive and engaging committees!

In the coming weeks, Industry Intelligence will highlight one committee a month as a part of the refresh of this publication (see story this issue). We will also publish a list each week of all the UTC committees along with contact information if you are interested in joining.

Participation in one or more of UTC’s committees will give you situational awareness on activities in Washington and elsewhere that impact your job. You will also learn from your colleagues and other experts on the top issues and challenges utilities face as they build upon and expand their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) networks.

All UTC core members are eligible to join any committee! The list below includes just the names and contact info for each committee; visit the UTC Website for more information!

IT/OT Committee–Staff Liaison, Bob Lockhart
Knowledge and Learning Division–Staff Liaison, Bobbi Harris
Membership Division– Staff Liaison, Tiffany Bennett
Public Policy Division–Staff Liaison, Sharla Artz
Regional Committee–Staff Liaison, Karnel Thomas
Security, Risk and Compliance Committee–Staff Liaison, Sharla Artz
Technical Committee–Staff Liaison, Bob Lockhart
Telecom Committee–Staff Liaison, Brett Kilbourne
UtiliSite Committee–Staff Liaison, Bobbi Harris
Utilities Broadband Committee–Staff Liaison, Brett Kilbourne

Upcoming Events

A snapshot of upcoming UTC webinars, events, and conference calls

  • Aug. 21: UTC Webinar—How Utilities Can Enable Rural Broadband; Register here!
  • Sept. 11: UtiliSite Committee Call; for more information, contact Bobbi Harris
  • Sept. 18: Utilities Broadband Committee Call; for more information, contact Brett Kilbourne
  • Sept. 19: IT/OT Committee Call; for more information, contact Bob Lockhart
  • Sept. 20: Public Policy Division Call; for more information, contact Sharla Artz
  • Sept. 26-28: EUTC Annual Conference, Malmo, Sweden; Registration Open Now!
  • Regional Meetings! Click here for a list of the fall regional meetings!


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