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June 27

From Innovation to Execution: The Vital Role of Utilities in Navigating the Energy Revolution

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From Innovation to Execution: The Vital Role of Utilities in Navigating the Energy Revolution

It’s evident that we currently stand on the cusp of the most profound industrial revolution in human history. Now is the time to bridge from innovation to execution. Utilities need to move from talking about the innovations that will shape the future – to executing the critical mega projects at a greater speed and scale than has ever been done before. Projects like:

  • Transmission and Distribution (T&D) infrastructure upgrades for both reliability and modernization initiatives
  • Deploying an unprecedented volume of renewable generation capacity and storage
  • Constructing a global charging network to facilitate the full transition to electric transportation
  • Developing private networks to establish a resilient, secure, and scalable communication backbone

But it’s clear that the traditional, business-as-usual approaches can’t and won’t support this revolution. In fact, the antiquated tools, processes and systems in use today have created massive bottlenecks and stalled the acceleration of progress.

So how do utilities get this work done faster? UTC invites you to join us for a panel discussion to explore how utilities can bridge the gap, embrace digital innovation, and get work done faster. During our discussion we’ll cover the interconnected nature of these projects and review key topics, like:

  • The urgency to prioritize centralization of project, site and asset data for comprehensive progress visibility
  • Fostering robust collaboration across project teams, from initial planning through asset management
  • Empowering field teams with efficient training mechanisms in a tight labor market



John Blackwell
Networking Engineering Manager, Southern Company

Brant Carter
Director, Product Strategy, Sitetracker

Mila Hunt
Associate VP, T&D Sector Lead, EIP


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