Frequency Sentry

UTC Spectrum Services has a unique frequency notification service called Frequency Sentry™ Frequency Sentry is a frequency notification service that advises clients by email when applications are filed with the FCC that meet the client’s specified search criteria. This provides our clients the opportunity to analyze and potentially eliminate frequency conflicts -before they cause major issues.

Each week, UTC Spectrum Services downloads the pending application database from the FCC and scans it for new applications which meet the clients search criteria. For each “hit” Frequency Sentry provides the following information:

  • Applicant Entity Name
  • Application ULS File Number
  • Application Coordinator Name and Coordination Date
  • Application Frequency
  • Distance to Target Client Record in km
  • Distance to Target Client Record in miles
  • Bearing to Target Client Record

An email is then generated weekly to our clients providing them with this detail and keeping them in the “know” regarding frequency applications with potential issues.

Clients will specify channels by providing the data by using a web-based tool provided in this link:

The Frequency Sentry service is provided as follows:

Want to learn more about our Frequency Sentry service? Contact UTC Spectrum Services at 202.872.0030 or We can provide you a customized quote for this service based on your unique situation.

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