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September 28

Fiber and Modernization of the Electric Grid

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Fiber and Modernization of the Electric Grid

Modernization of the grid and closure of the digital divide are underpinned by a strong set of socio-economic-environmental drivers. Industry trends such as the drive to deploy renewable energy sources, the rise of electric vehicles, and disrupters such as crypto mining are driving a massive increase in energy demand. Faced with such challenges, it has become increasingly important for Electric Utilities to modernize the grid, which requires a resilient, reliable, and low-latency communication infrastructure. Ensuring such a grid is critical for the long-term economic health and prosperity of our communities.

To achieve the greatest return on investment, the grid of tomorrow must be a converged network. Network convergence, one of the keys to developing a “smart” grid, addresses not only the sense-and-control and communication requirements of the Utilities but also provides a highway for Middle Mile and FTTH broadband.

Fiber is key to enabling this modernization. As more devices are put into the network to support real-time communication and control, implementing fiber through the grid to embrace low-latency applications is crucial.  A robust optical infrastructure provides a future-proof medium for connectivity to these.

To deploy an extensive fiber optic infrastructure with a density that will support a smart, resilient, and modernized grid, Electric Utilities must build a network that is Sustainable, Accessible, Flexible, Expandable, and Reliable. Building a fiber-deep network with these characteristics is crucial for ensuring the resilience of the grid for future energy demands.



Paul Thompson
Business Development Manager,


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