Grids designed years ago strain to adopt modern information and communications technology. IT and OT converge. Compliance burdens increase. And the lights must stay on. Utilities need security.

UTC helps its member utilities build holistic security programs:

  • People are often your first and last line of defense. Inspire and educate them!
  • Hardware is vital to protect your infrastructure. Do you know your supply chain?
  • Software is incredibly sophisticated but must be installed and managed correctly.

UTC services, education programs, member programs, and resources help pave your way to “secure”.

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Bob Lockhart CISSP
Vice President, Cybersecurity, Technology, and Research

Bob Lockhart has seven years’ experience in electricity grid cybersecurity, with 25 years’ total experience in information security. He was previously Navigant’s research director of transmission, distribution, smart metering, demand response, home energy, software, telecommunications, data analytics, and cybersecurity.  His research areas of expertise include industrial control systems security, smart meter security, meter data management, distribution automation, energy storage and cloud computing.  Before becoming a market researcher, Bob had a 31-year career in IT outsourcing with EDS.