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  • From Christmas Lists to the Nascar Hall of Fame!

    December 16, 6:03 pm

    It’s December 15, and though I made some progress on my Christmas list, I think that I will always be a bit of a last-minute “Christmaser” – maybe because I like to extend the Christmas feeling to the very end. Whatever the cause, I am thankful for Amazon overnight delivery. Since the beginning of the month, we have been pretty

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  • Holidays and Hopes for the New Year

    December 1, 11:08 pm

    It is December 1, the holidays are soon upon us and I am not ready!  Matt Schnell, UTC’s Board Chair, informed me yesterday that he has two more presents to buy then he is done with all of his Christmas preparations.  Um, well…maybe since he’s going to have some extra time on his hands he can help me with my

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  • Catching Up

    November 19, 6:14 pm

    It is now November 19, and a lot has happened since I last wrote at the end of October.  The week of the federal elections, UTC’s Board of Directors met here in D.C.  The Board and several invited guests also met for a committee planning and project management discussion as well as to engage in “forward planning,” which is our

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  • Autumn Travel

    October 28, 8:36 pm

    It is October 28, and I am at the airport in Fort Wayne, Indiana, having just finished up the UTC Region 4 meeting. Besides being the last day of my “UTC fall conference tour” (10 meetings in eight weeks), it is also my youngest daughter’s birthday and my husband’s birthday.  My youngest turns five, and my husband 46. You can

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  • Has it really been six months? Wow!

    October 17, 11:56 am
    It's now mid-October and I just finished attending the Region 8 (Rocky Mountain) Technical Conference. I started my job at UTC on April 26. Interestingly, my first trip with UTC was at the annual conference in early May, which was also in Denver. So, the Mile High City bookends, almost to the day, my first six months at UTC. Not

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  • On the Road Again

    September 25, 6:00 pm
    It is now September 25, and I am at Dulles airport outside of D.C. awaiting my flight to Frankfurt for the European UTC ("EUTC") annual meeting. Since I last wrote, I have been to Spokane, Washington for the U.S. Region 9 Technical Conference and to Toronto, Ontario, Canada for the UTC Canada ("UTCC") annual conference. I am starting to live

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