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AUTC – AUW 2017 Presentations

AUTC Articles Contributed to ESI Magazine

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Launch Presentations: 1 December 2015 at Country Club Johannesburg

Utilities Telecoms Council Quarterly Journals

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AUTC-AUW 2017 White Papers for Conference Attendees

Analysis of the Cyber Attack on the Ukranian Power Grid

AUTC White Paper:

  • AUTC White Paper on Utility Asset/Fibre Commercialisation

Today’s increasingly technology focussed business environment continues to drive the demand for broadband penetration and has almost guaranteed that these services have become a key contributor toward economic growth and prosperity, in both developing and developed markets. Invariably access to broadband services improves productivity, accelerates innovation, raises the standard of education and most certainly provides opportunities for new products and services. The full white paper is available for purchase (Utility Member – No charge, Non-Utility Member – $500, Utility Non-Member – $1000, Non-Utility Non-Member $2000), click here to order or to read the Executive Summary, click here.